Converting a Dingy into a Sailing Survival Lifeboat

June 09, 2016

Montgomery Pram dingy

Have you ever thought of the worst thing that could happen while making a passage?

You lose your boat for any reason – be it a whale hit, or running over a container at night, or any other scenario… do you have a plan?

Montgomery Pram sailI converted ‘Tansy Lee’s’ 6’8″ Montgomery Pram dingy many years ago which has been a great way to go for peace of mind.

With the outer inflatable inner tube bladder, you get the unsinkable factor of the rubber lifeboats yet with a fiberglass hull bottom you have a craft that can sail to windward.

Also, the floor being a hard surface takes out the worry of possibly slicing the rubber bottom, if you caught a fish or turtle.

Meanwhile, the canopy gets you out of the weather and with the reefable sail. This would enable you to sail to windward into the shipping lanes, to another vessel or land.

Montgomery Pram dingy with canopy

This conversion makes good sense, while stacking the odds in your favor and putting your rescue in your own hands… all which promotes the positive reality of ‘hope”.

What are your thoughts?

  • Adam Antares Riley

    I’d like to do the exact same thing with my fatty knees dinghy. Where can I get one of those canopies?