Craftsman Services


Do you need a custom pattern made for your boat? A particular part that you really need or want but have no idea how to make?

For example, the L. Francis Herreshoft yacht ‘Bounty’ wanted an end cap to the bulwark and something rather than just rounded over.

How about a fish?

Bronzed fish made of wood for boatBronze fish ornaments

In this instance, I made a solid fitted pattern out of bass wood for both port and starboard sides. They were casted in silicone bronze and installed.

Watch Seat - Storage Box for boat

What about a Watch Seat or belaying pins for your Bristol Channel Cutter or a Chafe Pad for your anchor?

Belaying Pins

I can custom create your anchor roller specific to your needs like these:

Custom created Anchor roller

Anchor Chafing Pad

If you have an idea, talk to me, I’m sure we can accommodate your vision.